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HOW to use Local RADIO to “Re-Open, Re-Engage and Re-Activate"

-Re-frame and re-introduce your message to re-excite your customers! 

-Re-excite the public about your brands, products, services and offers! 

-Re-mind your customers of what you stand for! 

-Re-create needs and re-invent ways to keep your brand top-of-mind! 

-Re-paint mental pictures of customers using your brands! 

-Re-engage and re-interact with customers and prospects! 

-Re-position your brand as the expert in your industry category! 

-Re-confirm that your story is current/updated! 

-Re-create dialogue about where/how to reach you 

-Re-generate positive feelings about doing business with you! 

-Re-entertain your customers with enthusiastic messages!  

Radio IS the original social media

Let's face it:

The customer buying journey has changed.

There are more places for advertisers to spend their marketing dollars.

Your business is no longer in charge. 

Your customers are.

We give FREE ideas to local marketing decision makers/business owners

What do we do?

We are in the business of SOUND and entertainment

We help paint mental pictures

We help stimulate the need for products, services and offers

We help deliver potential customers to your point of purchase 

We help listeners experience the benefits of doing business with you 

We help make them buy


Our Mission

London Radio Marketing was inspired by the book "soundBAIT: Creative Weapons of Mass Distraction" written by D.J. Williams.

Our mission is to help: 

- advertisers who want their ads to work

- listeners who want to be entertained 

- radio stations who want the ads that they broadcast to sound great!


If we were to hand you a microphone and ask you to tell us your story in 60, 30, 15, 5 or 1 second, what would you say?

London Radio Marketing is the home of FREE Radio Marketing Ideas for local advertisers, marketing decision makers and business owners.

How can we help?

  We uncover and initiate sales opportunities

We identify, qualify and develop lead generation strategies

We attract the interest of potential customers

We fire up listeners with enthusiasm

We introduce strategies that work

We share “real-time” success stories

We help identify what your customers needs are

We understand how radio can help you accomplish your goals

We gather the essential information

We determine the benefits

We educate listeners

Give us an assignment!

How has the internet changed your business?

Do you have an online marketing strategy?

Where can we help you grow?

What do people buy from you?

What is the solution that you provide?

What delivers customers to your door?

We will help:

- communicate those advantages

- provide appropriate solutions

- demonstrate value

- hold your prospects attention

Tell us YOUR Story...

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