New Client Information Review

Need a breif description

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What are you marketing?

What type of industry category are you in?
Who is your core audience or target demographic?
What do you need to sell more of or promote?
What can you do/offer that your competitors can’t?
Do you have a unique tag-line, slogan, sell-line or call-to-action?
What makes people want/need your product or service?
What is the objective of your campaign?
What emotion or feeling are you really selling?
What do you need to have happen when someone hears your ad?
What are the 3 most important things that a listener would want to know?
What matters to your prospects?
What don’t consumers know about you?
What are some common misconceptions or misunderstandings about your product?
What are some specific situations where people would require your services?
What is the outcome after someone does business with you?
What is most important? Image, drive traffic or direct response?
How do people pay for your service?
Are there any specific price points or offers?
How do you track or measure the result of an advertising campaign?
Where do you drive customers to find out more? Telephone, website or location?
Do you require manufacturer co-op mentions?
If so, do they require specific explanations?
Are there any specific pronunciations of street names, person names or products?
At the end of the day, what is the single, focused message that needs to be delivered?